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1. Tell me about the Spanish-speaking community in Fair Oaks.

2. What are the major needs, issues and problems facing the Spanish-speaking

community in Fair Oaks?

3. What kind of help do Spanish-speaking community members need to have a

better life in Fair Oaks?

4. What services are available to help the Spanish-speaking community? What are

their strengths? What are their weaknesses? What else needs to be done?

5. Who else should we contact to help us identify the needs of the Spanishspeaking

community in Fair Oaks?

6. Is there anything else you would like to say about the Spanish-speaking

community in Fair Oaks?

7. What questions would you like to ask me?

-What would our community look like without poverty?

-What keeps families in poverty?

-What should we as a community do to address poverty?

- How do you define poverty?

- The look of poverty in your county is...

CMCA sample:

-What can CMCA do to support the community to achieve the outcomes to eliminate poverty in your county?

-What are the conditions and causes of poverty in our community?

-Identify programs, strategies and initiatives that have been successful in reducing poverty.

- What steps could be taken to reduce poverty in our community?

- What role(s) could CMCA and others interested in reducing poverty and creating an economy that works for all play in our community?

Do you address this issue or need in the community? (Education, housing, employment, child care, etc.)

How do you address this issue? (advocacy, direct service, referral)

What do you see are the challenges facing this issue in the community?

Who else is working on this issue in your area?

How would you know your programs were successful?

How do we address this issue or need in...