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Walter Grandez

Interview with Aleza Joshstradamus

The purpose of this interview that I've done is to examine the overall view of a young adult of today and her experience with illicit and deviant drugs. A once reserved and modest Mormon girl, I interviewed Aleza Joshstradamus, a long time friend whom I grew up within the Mormon church on her world of drug exploration. Throughout the interview, I conversed with her on topics of like her perception and attitude of drugs, along with her opinion on certain drug policy of today.

Before Aleza took a step into the world of drugs and alcohol, she was and still is today an active member of the Mormon church. In today's society, more than three-fourths of American adolescents say that religion plays an important part in their lives. In study after study, these young people who report more involved with religion (they attend Sunday services and say their religion influences how they make decisions) are less likely to partake in deviance and illicit drug use (Hart & Ksir 14).

However, in this case, my interviewee is the expectation. After her first experimentation with alcohol, her community in the church soon found out via the word of her ex-boyfriend and soon was seen as a fallen and misguided soul. Although, the negativity viewed by her church ward did not cripple her faith in her religion, she claims, "My faith in God is strong. I don't think what I did and what I'm doing now makes me a horrible person. I'm not harming anyone. But I will admit I felt scared and guilty for doing it at first. Like I wasn't a good Mormon, like this wasn't what a Mormon does. But then I began to think. I would feel way guiltier...