An Interview With A Marine

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The Interview of a Marine I have often wondered what if would be like to push my body to its limits. Many people have said that you can reach that point when going through extensive military training. Marine training is recognized as being the most challenging of all the branches. In order to get a better understanding and perspective about the Marines, I decided to interview my Resident Assistant, Mark Nicholson. Mark is an officer candidate who will be commissioned upon graduation in May.

Q: Would you tell me a little bit about your background? A: I am 21 years old and was born in Winston Salem. I am an English major here at ASU, I was a 3 year varsity wrestler, ASU cheerleader for one year, Eagle Scout, U.S. Marine, and also a Resident Assistant for two years.

Q: What made you decide to pursue a career in the marines? A: I like to lead people and I love my country.

I also feel as if they need people who like to lead for our country's defense and also men who are willing to die for the United States.

Q: Where were you stationed at for your training? A: I was stationed at the Marine Corps Combat Development Command Officer Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia. It is located 45 minutes south of Washington D.C. near the Patomac River.

Q: I know there were probably a lot of things involved in the training, could you tell me something about the training itself? A: I spent 12 weeks of evaluations for leadership potential. I was educated in leadership, physical fitness, and academics. It is the toughest entry-level program in the U.S. military.

Q: I have often wondered about how good of shape I would be in after military training. Would...