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It has been eight months since I first set my foot to America. I have already had lots of new friends and been used the lifestyle here, but I can never forget the time I prepared for the trip that would change my life forever. Throughout the application process I received lots of help and support from my family and friends but there were times I had to complete the hardest parts by myself. I had to go through the most important event deciding whether I could book the flight to Dallas or stay in Vietnam: the visa interview. It was the first time ever I had to prepare for such an important meeting and go through it with no help from mom and dad. The memory about this life turning interview will never fade away in my mind.

“Do you want to use my hair pin?” My mom asked while I looked at the mirror: my fore hair covered half of my face.

Mom carefully pinned the hair up to the top of my head to “create a good impression with the interviewer.” “Nobody wants to interview someone who hides their face right?” My mom frowned. She also made me wear her white blouse and black pants, since she believed that none of my clothes was appropriate for this most important interview I had ever had. The fact that I was accepted into a United States college will not matter anymore if the interviewer at the embassy decides not to issue me the visa. Then all the money and effort, all the preparation would be thrown out the window, and I would get to stay in Vietnam for college.

My mom and I arrived half an hour early. Nevertheless there was a long line of fifty-sixty people before us.