Interview with Nora Helmer

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Interview with Nora Helmer

What is your name?

My name is Nora Helmer

What do you think is your role in the play?

I believe that I play a very important role. In the being of the story, I can say that I was a person, which didn't understand a lot about the world and society. By the end of the play, I under went changes, which caused me to change and to leave home.

Are you a dramatic character, do you change throughout the story?

Yes, I think that I am a dramatic character, because I become completely different, by the end of the play.

Do you play an important part on the climax of the story?

Yes, I do believe that I play a important part in the climax of the story. I basically cause the climax. When Torvald reads the letter, and finds out everything, I am there waiting to see his reaction.

Do you agree with the ending of the story?

I totally agree with the end of the story! The ending makes every thing very clear, and this is how it should be. I leave my home, for the search of independence and experience.

What do you think about prejudges?

I think that prejudges, is total nonsense. Why should anyone think that women aren't as good as man, or aren't capable of doing things that man can? This is just wrong and I am totally against it.

What is your goal in life?

My goal in life is to become in depended, and stop being any ones doll. I want to have full control of my life and to gain experience in life.

Do you agree with the way Torvald sees you?

No, do not agree with him. Torvald thinks that I am a child...