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This is about Pat Padalino. He is an Estimator for a Mechanical Contracting Corp. He is a friend of my fathers and also a co-worker of his, my dad is his boss. They have known each other for a little over five years. Mr. Padalino is a white male who is sixty years old. His nationality is Italian, although he was not born there. He grew up in a family of four, with his parents now deceased, all that is left is him and his younger sister Judy, who lives in Chicago. He was raised in the Catholic religion but is not actively involved in practicing his faith at the moment, he said he will when he gets a little older before he dies. Pat was divorced by a woman who he says, "took him for all he had" and has two grown daughters by her. Their names are Jessie, 26 and Emily, 24.

Jessie works in a restaurant and Emily works in retail. He puts the word out that they are single and have no children. He is now newly re-married with his Filipino wife and lives in a co-op with her in Queens. He and his new wife do not have children and are currently not planning to have any either.

Pat grew up in good old Brooklyn, N.Y. As a young kid growing up in Bensonhurst, Pat said he and his friends would play any kind of game anytime and anywhere. Their games usually took place out in the streets, parks or in an empty lot. No uniforms, no leagues just a bunch of neighborhood boys out having fun. He recalls a time when it was safe to play outside in the streets without supervision. A time when he and his friends would play Baseball and Baseball-like...