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Alliance Title & Escrow Corp. is one of the largest title and escrow firms in Idaho, Washington, Montana, and Wyoming. It began as an alliance between three highly-regarded, long-standing title and escrow firms in the area. Now, they form alliances with the communities they serve, with their clients, and service providers and have quickly become one of the largest title and escrow companies in the Northwest.

Jason Jacobson is the IT Manager at Alliance Title & Escrow Corp. For the last few years he has successfully worked on new projects at Alliance Title & Escrow Corp. He worked for Albertson's, currently known as Supervalu, as IT manager for 12 years before coming to Alliance Title & Escrow Corp. As an expert in Information Technology (IT), he is the first point of contact for any projects done by his team. Before Jason starts any projects, he determines if the project is feasible and if it is worth doing.

Project DescriptionAs an expert in IT, Jason was asked by executives to take on a website redesign project that would improve the company's sales and services. The website they were using at the time had little effect on end users. It was confusing to navigate and to find what the end users were looking for. I had the chance to see the old website. At first glance, it was not organized well. It would take time to navigate the site and there were many repeated links that were unnecessary.

Project MethodologyThe project methodology at Alliance Title & Escrow Corp. was hard to determine, according to Jason. As he was explaining what kind of methodology was used, he pointed out that the team members that were assigned to the project had little, if any, experience in project management. In addition, most of the project...