Interview Questions and Job Requirements for a Human Resources Manager

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Interview Questions and Job Requirements for a Human Resources Manager

1. How will you encourage your team to participate when it comes decision making time and will you try to implement their ideas and suggestions?

2. How will you counsel your employees to improve their performance?

3. When seeing a complex task through to completion, I ensure that every detail is accounted for.

4. When assigned large projects how will you break it down into small manageable tasks?

5. How will you monitor the schedule to ensure a task or project will be completed in time?

6. How will you encourage your employees to be creative about their job?

7. Is accomplishing a goal or task the most important thing you can do in your department?

8. How will you carry out several complicated tasks at the same time?

9. How will you coach people on new tasks and procedures?

10. When you read articles, books, and journals about training, leadership, and psychology can you then putt what you have read into action?

The Human Resources (HR) department serves as a link between management and employees. Providing specialized services to staff members, the department's goal is to foster positive relationships, to increase job satisfaction, and to make sure all customer or client needs are met. Specific responsibilities include: administration, recruitment, company compensation and benefits, training and development, health and safety, and employee relations.

The Human Resources Manager must be knowledgeable of the company goals, relevant federal and state laws and union contracts, and needs to be able to recognize and evaluate industry trends. The Human Resources Manager will oversee multiple departments that are equipped with a manager and staff specialists or representatives who head one particular activity.

Recruitment, also called employment or staffing, is headed by an Employment...