Interview with Social Service Agency on Advocacy

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Summary of Interview with Social Service Agency on Advocacy


Team D

Monique Cone, Alison Cope, Cynthia Lukas, and Jennifer Weigle

March 23, 2011

Mary Beth Bova

Summary of Interview

The following paper outlines an interview with Mr. Wiley who works for a human service organization called the ARC of Jacksonville. This agency assists teens and adults with mental disabilities. This interview provided me with vital information about the advocacy and support this organization has on the population. Overall the interview helped me to understand the importance of the role advocacy plays in the human service profession when working with special populations.

Interview with Mr. Wiley at the ARC of Jacksonville

The agency I am visiting is The ARC of Jacksonville. This agency serves the population of mentally challenged individuals entering into adulthood. I am interviewing with Mr. Wiley who is a case manager of several of the clients affiliated with ARC's programs.

He is also a leader in the agency's advocacy program known as ASK (Advocacy, Support, and Knowledge). The mission of the program is to provide advocacy and quality service that enable individuals with intellectual disabilities to achieve their full potential, enhance their quality of life, and become active in their communities (The ARC, 2011).

The Role of Advocacy

Through ASK Mr. Wiley assists the families of those with mental disabilities to understand what lies ahead for them in the transition of their mentally challenged teenager entering into adulthood. In addition, he assists developmentally challenged adults at the center to become self-sufficient by assisting them in the areas of shopping for themselves, seeking employment, furthering education, and many other areas. Mr. Wiley provides transportation for adults at the center for grocery and shopping trips, doctor visits, and...