What Interview Technique would be Appropriate for an Administrative Position?

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The interview technique that would be appropriate for an administrative positionwould be the behavioral and the panel interview. The reasons for choosingthese types of interviews, sometimes it is good to make the interview asstressful as can be to see how much pressure the candidate can tolerate.

With panel interview it gives more perspective on which the candidates are. Italso makes the interview easier by bringing several staff together at once tointerview the candidate than to organize individual sessions. This interviewstyle includes prospective teammates who would not be on the schedule forindividuals sessions.

With the behavioral interviews as I would also use the real candidate emergeswhile they are under intensive interviewing stress that the panel can engender.

Behavioral interview questions also reveal motivation and attitude in thehiring part of the interview. We must always remember job applicants cometo the interview with the goal of giving us answers they think we would wantto hear.

But, with this much more difficult question that does not reveal apreferred answer than most people realize. Some job candidates misrepresenttheir job history during hiring process and with this interview easily probe anapplicant stated ambitions from a number of different angles, to se if theanswers are consistent and have depth of conviction. You want to start withbroad question about employee motivation. With this there are no yes and noquestion, they will have to do a bit of elaboration. Then you can askincreasingly specifically questions that reveal more details, in this you willalways find the internal consistency when you go from generalities to specifics,and you will always get at the truth behind their initial answer.

The candidate may then start talking about interpersonal conflicts in the workplace to have them describe problem behaviors they have experienced withothers, in this you learn about the candidate behavior by the way theydescribe...