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King Lear Essay "The story of the loss and regaining of identity is the framework of all literature" This quote is an accurate expression of Lear's experience that he partakes with two of the three daughters which are just ignorant and greedy. William Shakespeare's play does portray the loss and regaining of his identity. King Lear's actions throughout the beginning of the play are thought out with wiseness but yet incompetence. He chooses to let his daughters have pieces of his land which is a wise decision but gives to them only by the love that they express for him. For the daughter that displays the most love, she would get the largest piece of land, in which Cordelia was supposed to be receiving since Lear was convinced that she would be the most faithful. All the other sisters responded to Lear with an amount of overwhelming love, Cordelia contradicts these statements and merely says that she loves him as a father.

Lear is not impressed by this and banishes her from the kingdom. This is the beginning of Lear's step toward insanity and later on he would regain his identity and pursue what is only right. King Lear loses his identity by lack of awareness. He makes very wrongful decisions where he believes personally that it's right.

The play begins in a scene where Lear is put himself in the position of giving away parts of his land to his three daughters. This was a good decision since he is getting old and he does not have the ability to assert himself in commanding the armies and taking care of the land. Ironically, it is a bad decision since he is unaware of his daughter's actual feelings for him. The two daughters, Regan and Goneril, take advantage of...