Into The Wild

Essay by clkdtm033B, March 2004

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Visionary or Confused

In my opinion Chris (Alex) is a very confused, sick individual. Chris's actions to leave the security of the path he had carved for him, hurt the ones closest to him. Also Chris was unprepared for his journey, and it was poorly planned. Although his social skills seem good, he lacks the sexual drive of the majority of mankind. Upon his departure, Chris left goodbye notes and gave away his possessions; he clearly was on a no return mission, possibly suicide.

"He wasn't carrying anywhere near as much food and gear as you'd expect..." This quote, said by Gallien as a recall to dropping Alex off in the border of the national park shows how unprepared Alex was for his journey out into the cold, harsh wild of Alaska. As an educated, young, and intelligent, individual, Alex in a straight line of thinking had to know this was not going to be able to support him in the wild.

Not only did he have only a cheap pair of leather boots, but no true heavy duty jacket. Any person, in their right mind would not attempt this journey without half way decent gear, Alex on the other hand, a confused person, did attempt it, and ended fatally.

"But there is little evidence that he slept with any woman in high school, and even less to support he was sexually active after graduating high school." This statement shows how Alex is as close to zero sex drive as a person can have. Alex shuns away from relationships with females on his journey. No normal male would total deny the sexual feelings in him. Alex manages this well. I believe he handle it so well, because he is so caught up in his plan to get all...