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ENG 101 02 April 11th, 2014

The dynamics of a father in Into the Wild feature prominently into Krakauer's narrative. Chris possesses two distinct father relationships, one with his biological father and one with nature. Chris' relationship with his father was not one that would be highly admired and resentment of his father ultimately resulted in the decisions he made with his withdrawal from society. His faith and appreciation for nature also resulted in the decisions he made with withdrawal from society as well. Chris believed that nature would take care of him, because nature had been there for him when no one else was. These strained and celebrated relationships shape Chris' journey and the book.

In viewing the relationship between Christopher and his biological father, the two had a relationship that is difficult to deal with and maintain. Chris' father, Samuel Walter McCandless, is a NASA scientist and entrepreneur who develops advanced radar systems.

Walter McCandless' job is a high paying and high powered job that resulted in his inflexibility to connect with his son the way a father should. Walt's ideals were in sharp contrast of his son. Walt was focused on his job most of the time and he lacked the time and interest for Chris. Chris believed that his father thought that he could "buy" the respect of his son. To add on to the qualities Walt possesses, He has also been married two times and has a total of eight children; Chris stems from his second marriage. Chris finding out about his father's second marriage is what made his plan to rid himself from society become more inevitable. The reason for that is because Chris realized that his father was already married with a family, which made him and his sister...