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The Intranet is a network based on internet protocols belonging to an organization, usually a corporation, accessible only by the organization's members, employees, or others with authorization. An intranet's Web site looks and acts just like any other Web site, but the firewall surrounding an intranet fends off unauthorized access. Like the Internet itself, intranets are used to share information. Secure intranets are now a fastest-growing segment of the Internet because they are much less expensive to build and manage, than private networks based on protocols.

You can use an intranet to give employees access to company documents, distribute software, enable group scheduling, and let individuals and departments publish information they need to communicate to the rest of the company. Typical intranet content could include the corporate directory, a calendar of events, policies, and procedures manual. The Intranet is a way of thinking and organizing the way we work with other people.

Everyone knows that Internet growth, both in terms of users and servers, has grown exponentially over the past several years with estimates of the number of users varying from 10 million to 50 million. The U.S. estimate is that there are 15 million users currently, give or take 5 million. The truth is no one knows. However, there are reliable estimates that the number of servers is currently around 80,000. Some say that the Intranet is an ideal solution for any organization with more than 100 users, and/or with remote locations distributed over a wide geographical area. Intranet sites growing the way they are because they are: cost effective, easily up datable, easy to deliver information, easy to have information available on demand, basically secure, relatively easy to configure, use and manage, and many more reasons why.

There are four reasons why a company needs an intranet. The...