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Insecurities vary significantly across countries and communities. Both their causes and expressions depend on a complex interaction of international, regional, national and local factors. The one way bilateral approach to achieving human security is a misconception and farfetched approach which is often less realistic and at times destructive. Multilateral approach has important implications for policy making as it accepts that human insecurities cannot be tackled in isolation through stand alone responses but instead a comprehensive approach is needed which stresses the need for cooperative and multilateral responses between the government, regional bodies such as AU, SADC, Donors and also Non Governmental Organisations, BRICS (Brazil Russia India China South Africa) in partnership with the government and the general population in addressing the human security needs. Thus the essay will make use of the Human needs theory , David Easton's system analysis in trying to link multilateral approach in trying to achieve human security.

In explaining the underlying causes of human insecurity in the global south , there is need note in passing the theoretical explanations outlined by john Gaultang .Galtung poses that human insecurity is caused by violence which can be direct or indirect. Human security entails the activity to protect the core of all human lives in a way enhances the human freedom and human fulfillment.(Gaultang 1969 ).This involves protecting fundamental freedoms from critical , pervasive threats and situations .Thus it means creating political , social , environmental , economic , military and cultural systems that give people the building blocks of survival , livelihood and dignity. In a nutshell, the definition reconceptualise's the traditional approach to security by diverting away from traditional , state centric conceptions of security that was primarily biased towards the defense of the state. The move now encompassed and concentrated on the security of individuals,