Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

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The method of motivating the employee is mainly the most important purposes of management. “Taking the time to express appreciation is one of the most powerful and positive things a leader can do. It inspires and motivates the other person” (Harban Singh, 2006). Some employees the rewards that the employee receives from the organizations are enough motivation for them to do their best.

It is necessary for any organization to have goals in place which gives employees a feeling of direction. It also gives them a way to measure their performance. It is nearly impossible for management to motivate employees without some sort of aim or goals. When the goals are identified then managers can pinpoint ways to motivate employees in different sections.

Most people are ready and willing to work as long as they feel they make a difference and are acknowledged for the work that they are doing, this is referred to as intrinsic reward.

The manager gives rewards like giving something, private or public, know as extrinsic reward. Any type of reward system is good to have in place to ensure the employees are working to the best of their skills.

An example of intrinsic reward is when I try a new recipe my family tells me it is good. An example of extrinsic reward would be where I volunteer my time at my daughter’s school and receive an award for doing so. I believe different types of jobs need different types of rewards.

It is good practice to have happy and cheerful employees in an organization and with the correct motivations it is possible. When employees are happy there have better work ethics which in turn makes more of a profit and better work environment for everyone.

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