Intro to Human Sexuality

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Homosexuality is an erotic attraction, sexual behavior, emotional attachment, and a definition of the self. Over 7 1/2 million people in the United States are homosexual. These people are those who are interested in the same sex as lovers. They are often thought of gays for men and lesbians for the females. A persons sexual orientation is what sex one is attracted to, the types are: bisexuality ( both sexes), homosexuality (same sex), and heterosexuality (opposite sex).

Most religious views of homosexuality are very negative and it is regarded as a sinful act. Last year in my church there was a huge conflict over what defined homosexuality. There were a few gay individuals in our congregation and some of the other members did not like this. They really did not get it totally settled, they just ended up dropping the issue. Homophobia is said to be the irrational fears of homosexuality, or the fear of the homosexual feeling within ones self.

These feelings are the main problem now rather than homosexuality itself. Coming out is the term used when a homosexual person tells the world that they are gay or lesbian. They no longer have to try to hide their feeling and do not worry if people accept them or not. There was a gay person on my floor this year and I had no idea of this until he announced it. His sexual orientation is just different than most of the people on our floor. He has been getting harassed by some individuals, and I believe that the problem has been taken care of.

Chapter 11

Contraception is a very broad topic that requires a little research by the individual to find the appropriate forms. It is sometimes refereed to as birth control, contraception is the various methods used...