Introducing home

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Introducing Home

How does the singer feel about Chicago? What words or phrases help express that feeling?

Ans: The singer really likes his town, Chicago. He is really attached to the town because in the following passage he says "Why I just grin like a clown. It's my kind of town." Frank thinks that the people are very nice too, they "smile at you" and he also mentions that the two "won't let you down." This gives the reader an idea that Chicago is a very friendly place and newcomers won't be disappointed when they live in Chicago. Also, the people in Chicago are nice and they help out.

Based on this song, what did you learn about Chicago and its people?

Ans: Based on the song I learnt that Chicago is a very friendly city and the people are helping and kind. Also, people who live in Chicago are very happy

Does the song make you want to visit Chicago? Why or why not? What questions do you have about the city?

Ans: The song does want me to visit Chicago. This is because the song says Chicago has very friendly people and it's a really nice place. So, I would like to meet these people and experience the moment.