Introducing Microsoft® Windows® 98

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Summary: Within these 20 years, Microsoft had change from a very small department that was the programming part of IBM™, to a large company that called "˜The Company which has most potential'. After the OS*: MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95 (OSR1 & OSR2), this time Microsoft introduces the newest OS* Windows 98 SE (Second Edition). The OS* becomes more powerful, and easier to use. Fully accept USB and fully support Direct X. So everyone can use it easier compare with Linux or Mac OS*. Although Microsoft had made the Windows very simple, there are a lot of people who hadn't touch computer before or the one who just change the OS* to Windows, from others OS*. They may feel they can't control the windows. So this book is very helpful. The book also for the one who want a professional analysis of the Windows.

It contains 4 parts and 23 sections.

Includes, I. Installation and Setup II. Windows 98 Faces on the Internet III. Extending Your Reach with Windows 98 IV. Hardware and Software Support *OS: Operating System Comment: It is really a official guide for the new hands that want to use Windows98, because it is just " Introducing Microsoft® Windows® 98 "I think the book is good for the first part of the exploration of Windows98. If you want to explore the running system, I think you need another book. " Running Microsoft® Windows® 98 ". I think it is more suitable for you.

Setup a Windows isn't a hard job, if you follow the step that the book explains. Here I have some opinions to share with you. First, I think the book is very detailed it explains the entire situation, whatever any system you are using. A bootable disk or the Microsoft® Windows® 98 installation disc can used for start up the system. Then the Setup Process begins. After a series of choosing, the Setup Process installs the Windows in the system. Then the Windows has established in the computer.

You can overview it and check it. Then we can use it to online to Internet. It is also the second part of the book. We can use Internet Explorer to view the web site, use the Outlook Express to write & read the E-mail and use the FrontPage Express to write a web page. One part of the book is talk about the Networking, Applications and Utilities in Windows 98. I think this part is the most useful part. After online to the Internet you can read through this part of the book. It is good for you to manage the Windows 98 and connecting & communicating among computers. Scan Disk, Disk Defragmenter, Backup these three are the good tools for the windows management.

Registry, the Centralized Configuration Store. If you think you are professional enough, you can try this. Otherwise don't touch it or your system may be destroyed by the careless mistake.

The support of the connecting port is very well. If your computer still remains some problems, you can use the great Internet support " Windows Update "! If you have any extra problem that the book can't help you, you can also online to Windows Update.

Above is my opinion for the beginning step for using the Windows 98.

Since the hacker is so powerful, and the virus is very harmful. So we need some program to protect the computer, here is some example: Norton Utilities, Norton AntiVirus, Norton CrashGuard, and Mcfee AntiVirus. They can help you to use the computer as the most safety way.