An Introduction to a cartoon in Hong Kong--"McMug and McDull."

Essay by Trista September 2005

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Perhaps very few people know about "McMug and McDull", but this cartoon is definitely worth sharing because of its special techiques and style.

The "father" and "mother" of "McMug and McDull", Brian Lap-ma Tse and Alice Ka-bik Mak have perfectly combined humour and heart- touching elements in their cartoon.

Despite its casual and simple drawing, the characters in the story are delightfully funny and adorable, while the plot is creatively moral. Sometimes, however, the story seems to be a little bit nonsensical, especially when the story involves the innocent pig--MuDull who once kept an umbrella as a pet. His cousin, McMug, who was adopted by a human couple on an Island, always tries to correct his silly thoughts.

One of the special features of this cartoon is found in its strong connection with life in Kong Kong. For example, the old buildings and the local shops mirror our tradition and life styles in a lively way.

Perhaps it's this connection which explains the warmth I feel, and the smile I have in my heart, when I look at the story sparking with the unique mood of Hong Kong.