Introduction to Criminology

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The present condition in this world has been worse and worse in the perspective of crimes. One of them is drug crime, which is closer to our daily life. It is said that the number of exposure of drugs has increased year after year. Drug can be said the crime with international scale, that is, the cooperate crime.

This essay is composed of three sections, starting from the place of origin of drug and crop eradication, followed by the method of transportation, and finished by markets and their policy. A critical analysis of drug trafficking will be offered, mainly focused on trafficking itself and the problems and policies which governments have along on each stage of trafficking.

The place of origin of drugs and crop-eradication Most of drugs are mainly made by developing country, such as South America, South East Asia, and the Middle East, where people can get large land and warm temperature, and sold to developed countries, such as US and UK.

One of the famous drugs "cocaine" is produced mainly in Andes (60%) and Bolivia (20%). Afghanistan dominates most of the supply of "opium" produce (75%). Also, Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar, which is called "the Golden Triangle", can not be ignored as an opium producer. Although some "crop eradications" have executed, the produce of "cannabis" still shows growth all over the world (p.145).

Morales (1990) points some farmers deeply depend on the production of drug, and defy the crop eradication. They prefer to drug production to substitute cash crops because of the higher income. Also, same situations are reported in Pakistan and Bolivia (p.148). It has become their parts of life. Drugs have penetrated into local communities, and these evidences and reports would present their economic situation. The drug production can make a strong influence on economies.