Introduction to International Labor Memo Week 4 Assignment INB 205 International Business

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International business could be defined as different business transactions across national boundaries which are carried out to satisfy business and people's needs (Advameg). One of the hardest parts of international business would be the management of activities. Everything that has to deal with the activities need to be researched very carefully and be done properly. The management team must be able to muddle the plans, business policies, information systems, and corporate culture of the foreign business company.

For the scenario given the interns are going to communicate with various countries. The labor force available should be investigated when a company expands its activities in different countries. Workers and laborers are the most important part as they are the structure of the company. In order to run the business efficiently the management team should figure out whether there are enough people with the experience needed. So many companies would love to hire labor as inexpensively as possible so the excellence could be maximized.

The quality of labor in the market has several factors included that determine how qualified they might be. Some of them would be the proficiency, experience, and level of education. The factors which affect the price of labor in the market would be the larger supplies of labor, lack of labor unions, lower demand for labor, and the lack of governmental rules and regulation.

Some of the issues that the management of multinational companies should really consider are the backlash of wage and price control and labor laws. The employees hired should be able to maintain and grow the business in every aspect. The managers need to understand motivation, leadership, conflict, communication, and other behavioral issues that may emerge in cross cultural/national perspectives. The members of unions may dispute for their interests like wage and working conditions, which...