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Marketing Introduction Paper

I work for Sorrento Networks Corp., a leading metro and regional DWDM optical networking vendor with customers worldwide. Our product lines include optical access, optical transport, and networking management solutions, plus a diverse set of frequency synthesizers, video and & RF transmissions systems, and routing systems. We are headquartered in San Diego with offices in Dallas, Stuttgart, Paris, London, Singapore, and Beijing.

Sorrento Networks was formed in 1997, but its lineage goes back to 1981 through a series of acquisitions, consolidations, and divestitures all focused on optical networking and broadband video & RF products. Sorrento was the first company to produce a metro DWDM product in 1997, called Gigamux, and our technology continues to pioneer the market today.

Sorrento's customers are the best in the industry, and include companies like Comcast (formerly AT&T Broadband and AT&T Broadband Network Solutions), Cox Communications, Deutsche Telekom, Southern California Edison, and many others.

Our focus is on carriers in the telecommunications, cable TV, and utility markets, while we serve enterprise and storage area networking (SAN) applications through alliances with integrators.

In 2001, Sorrento began to face a maelstrom of challenges. On the macroeconomic level, domestic and foreign economies slowed significantly, capital-spending budgets dwindled, and the threat of terrorism and war loomed. Investors were dramatically affected by widely publicized corporate scandals, accounting improprieties, fraud, and bankruptcies. Sorrento's situation was further exacerbated by other difficulties unique to the telecom industry. The entire telecom sector was negatively impacted, elevating investors, shareholder and customer concerns.

With companies such as this where getting the right mix of products and new product introduction is critical, the marketing department plays a very important role keeping the company ahead of the game. This department deals with the sales methods, promotions, positioning, as well as any other aspect of...