Introduction to Philosophy: This essay is about my philosophy of human nature and a comparison and contrast with Karl Marx's view of human nature. Essay includes resources.

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Philosophy of Human Nature

My philosophy of human nature is based on the existence of God. To get a more in depth view of my philosophy, I will explain in detail that I have a theistic view much like the philosopher St. Thomas Aquinas. I was raised in a deeply religious catholic family, who frequented church on a regular basis. This upbringing in the catholic setting has deeply impacted my view of human nature and the existence of God and how he plays a significant role in our lives.

I believe that everyone has a mission in life and they were put there by God to fulfill that duty. Everyone has a special little role to play in life, which is given to us by God. It only takes time to figure out what this role is so a person can capitalize on it. Furthermore, I believe that everyone has their life predetermined by god before they are born, but it is ultimately up to the person to create their destiny in life.

For Example some people are put on this earth to create goodness or meaning to life such as what a priest, minister, or teacher might do. The priest or minister might give hope or meaning to the life of a person who might be experiencing a difficult time in their life, such as a serious illness or death of a loved one.

I also believe that everyone has a soul within their body. This soul is not a material object that you can see or hold, but an invisible thing that is formed throughout a person's life. The soul is given to us by God when we are born. Upon receiving the soul at birth, it is always changing due to the decisions that a person...