Invaded by Immigrants

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Invaded By Immigrants

Canada being a relatively new country, as far as the history of the world

goes was built by immigration. Every single resident of North America

can trace his ancestry back to the cradle of life in Europe. Even Native

Americans found their way to the new world over a frozen ice pack,

spreading out across the land, weaving a rich culture and prospering.

The Canada that we know today began only in the last 200 years.

Settlers poured in from all over the world, tempted with free land and

religious liberty Europeans settled in Canada by the thousands. They

brought with them traditions and a legal system modeled after the

English governments.

Although is undeniable that Immigration made Canada into the

strong nation that it is, I feel that Immigration as it is set up these days

does not build our country but tears it down. The open gates policy

implemented by our government leaves the Canadian social system

wide open to be abused by would-be migrants in other countries.

It is

quite obvious that the system currently running is quite imperfect. This

paper will attempt to show flaws in Canada's immigration policy and

suggest new policy's which fit better with Canada's social landscape.

All over the world populations are growing at tremendous rates.

Nothing in this world happens by accident, the populations are moving

because they expect an increase in quality of life in the new country.

Country's all over the world view Canada as a great place to live, the

United Nations bills Canada as the best place to live. When third world

people look at their present situations, they think that they could instantly

improve their surroundings by moving to Canada. By pure logic it would

seem like madness to open...