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"The grass grows high round this old, old ruin,

Gone the guards, the gatekeepers

fallen towers, Crumbling pavilions,

My soul destroyed.

Beneath the eaves of ancient halls

Swallows dart.

but within,


One Chinese poet of the time wrote after he visited China's former imperial palace after the Mongolian horde swept through. Through out human history, there had been many great civilizations that were formed and shaped the world as it is today. But with every great civilization comes the massive invading tribes to come destroy it. Invading tribes have a great influence on history and the world today because with out them things would not change. Rome was the massive power in its time with a very spanned out empire but it was soon to feel the power of all invading tribes such as the Vandals, The Goths, Franks , The Turks and Pirates. Genghis Khan was the man that lead the fierce Mongol army and effected all parts of the world including china and japan and most of the known world.

The invading crusaders effected all Islam and the civilizations around Jerusalem including the Saracens and the Turks. The known world was about to feel total terror as one of the biggest and fierce hordes known to mankind arose. The Mongolians

Mongol's were a nomadic people whose disunity and civil quarrels had kept them from becoming a threat to their more civilized neighbors for many centuries.2 The Mongols were nomads from the steppes of Central Asia. They were fierce warriors who fought each other over pasture lands and raided developed civilizations to the east and south.

At the beginning of the 13th century the Mongol clans united and began a campaign of foreign conquest. Following in the hoof prints of the Huns, their predecessors by a thousand years,