Inventions During the Industrial Revolution

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Industrialization would not have happened so quickly if it wasn't for new inventions. Inventions made it easier for people to do their jobs and get them finished quicker. Many new inventions made during this time period where the spinning jenny, water frame, steam engine and locomotive. The inventors of these inventions were Jasmes Hargreaves, Richard Arkwright, Jame's Watt and Richard Trevithick. New ideas, methods, and machinery helped the Industrial Revolution go at a faster pace.

The spinning jenny was invented by Jasmes Hargreaves. This machine could spin eight threads of wool at once. It was later extended to spin 120 threads at one time. Spinning jennys were very small and extremely increased production. One person by hand could only spin one thread at a time.

The first well built pump was developed by Thomas Newcomen. Pumps were the first steam powered devices. His steam powered pump came in handy for many uses.

It pumped water from mines, blew air into furnaces and pumped drinking water into towns. James Watt's developed the steam engine. It led to lot of farther developments. Using steam to create energy meant that this new from of powering a machine could be used anywhere and was not limited to next to a stream.

The locomotive, created by Richard Trevithich, was derived from a steam powered carriage that carried people on roads. Later on he came up with the idea to run on rails, which is where the first train came from. Trevithick thoughts were developed by George Stephenson. Stephenson has responsibility for the steam engines that pulled wagons up from the pit face. He built a locomotive in 1814.

All these three inventions were and still are very important and affect the the way we live our lives. These are only just a few of...