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Stocks in the finance world, are the shares of a particular company or corporation. With healthy capital markets, businesses and government agencies create new jobs and strengthen our economy. Walmart does exactly that. They have a major incline all the time in constructing new jobs and as well in enhancing our economy. Being that they're obviously an easy choice to do a long term investment in.

Walmart have over four-thousand stores and more than three-thousand supercenters across the world. Meaning there's tons of employees employed at each store; one point four million to be exact. With all of those Walmart continues to always be growing in a multiple of ways: economically and financially. This could be achieved by either building more stores or to be adding more store positions to be filled in the pre-existing stores. Their stocks in the stock market always continue to rise. Give and take a few minor drops happen every once in a while, but that's with a major company; nobody's perfect.

Walmart has been awarded with the special title of "Largest United States Employer". If that doesn't say something about their ability to give jobs to the people of America, then I don't know what does. People choose to work at Walmart because of their amazing health benefits and the experience they gain from the tasks their asked to do at their job. Those types of things could help land the Walmart employee later on to higher paying jobs. Walmart has immense power of the economy because of their major successes in retail industry-leading. Making new jobs may seem hard to do and you must have lots of extra money to spend, and that's exactly what Walmart has. They're planning to begin more Unites States based manufacturing instead of sending it over-seas to be...