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Is social media marketing beneficial for business ?

Social media is the technology that connects people by means of communication , to build relationships with the consumers and attract new consumers . Social media marketing has changed the lives of many producers who wish to do business on a larger scale . It is a way where consumers and sellers communicate through the exchange process . Social marketing media is also known as 'technology' in today's world. The rise in popularity of social media has encouraged producers and consumers to buy and sell products in an easy and convenient way . Social media includes various examples like Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, and individual blogs has grown during these recent years. The value of Face book, Linked in, and Twitter is part how much of our personal information is stored and part how useful they can make this information for companies, advertisers, marketers, and consumers.

The more information producers know about the consumers and their connections, the more targeted they can make their advertising and ultimately their business value.

Social marketing media is beneficial to companies . Larger companies use social marketing media as a source for effective sales and enhance sales service , whereas smaller companies use this medium for brand loyalty and a good name in the market. Large and small companies have the advantage of communicating with the consumers easily and inform them about the new products and improvement in existing products . Social marketing media has certain benefits which allow marketing easy . Social networks are a new channel for the producers brand's voice and content. It makes it more easier for the existing consumers as well the new ones to be familiar to the product . Every opportunity given to the consumers indicates...