Investigation Of Enzymes And Hydrogen Peroxide

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To find the effect of temperature on enzymes, using a potato as a catalyst. The source of catalase is in the potato cells.


Enzymes are large proteins that speed up chemical reactions. In their globular structure, a small number of amino acids to form the active site. Enzyme and substrate fail to connect if their shapes do not match exactly. This ensures that the enzyme does not participate in the wrong reaction. When the products have been released, the enzyme is ready to bind with a new substrate.


I shall only be altering the temperature, range from 20°C to 80°C.

I will be collecting 5 to 8 readings.

The factors I am going to control are:

Same length of potato (3.5 cm) because to ensure it will be a fair test.

Volume of hydrogen peroxide (6cm3)

Time of the potato in the hydrogen peroxide (5 min)

Same size of test tube

Potatoes from the same bag, this is because different brands of potato may have different results.

Measure foam to the nearest mm

Practical Procedure

Apparatus: I have decided to use the following equipment in order to carry out my experiment:

- Water Baths

- Test Tube

- Syringe

- 6 cm3 of Hydrogen Peroxide in each test tube

- 3.5 cm of circular potato

- Borer

- Stopwatch


1. I need to put 6 cm3 hydrogen peroxide into 6 test tubes and leave them in their designated water baths for 5 minutes.

2. I will have to get the potato so I will use a Borer to cut a cylinder of potato out of the whole one and from there I will cut up the potato cylinder into segments of 3.5 cm using a knife.

3. Once the Hydrogen Peroxide is at the temperature I...