An investigation into strategic marketing models and processes using British Airways' Concorde.

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An investigation into strategic marketing models and processes using British Airways' Concorde.

Author: Neil Cogdell

Report: Marketing assignment

Module: Marketing Management

Module Tutor: Reshad Ghoorun

Course: Diploma in Management Studies

Awarding Bodies: Thurrock and Basildon College

Anglia Polytechnic University

Date 13th January 2004

Contents Page

1.0 Introduction 2

1.1 Information used for Concorde marketing strategy 2

2.0 BA and Concorde business objectives 3

3.0 Where is Concorde - Product Lifecycle 4

4.0 Market Environment 5

4.1 Competitors 5

4.2 Competing Airlines transatlantic flight specifications 5

4.3 Competitions main Strengths and Weaknesses 5

4.4 Competitors future activities 5

4.5 Concorde Marketing SWOT 6

5.0 Market Segment 7

6.0 Customer Segment 8

6.1 The Marketing Mix 8

6.2 Hierarchy of needs 9

7.0 Lovebrand 'Concorde' 10

8.0 Marketing Plan and Evaluation 11

8.1 Marketing Plan 11

8.2 Evaluation 11

9.0 Conclusion. 12

Appendix 14

The Product Life Cycle 15

Ansoff Matrix 16

Example Concorde Advert

1.0 Introduction

If Concorde is to succeed in the aftermath of the French crash, then the product needs to be positioned as low as possible on the hierarchy of needs, thus raising the importance of the service to the customer.

Concorde has 25 years passenger service and has faced many challenges; running costs a reduction in passenger numbers and the biggest being the devastating French crash.

The marketing strategy will have to ensure an increase in passenger numbers to make the service viable, in the face of spiralling running costs, when compared to other aircraft, and competing airlines offering the improved first/business class service, with flat bed seats, limousine transfers, and improved menu selections.

The marketing strategy must concentrate on the huge difference in flight times between Concorde's service and other airlines. Concorde's flight time to New York from London is 4 hours; the Airbus A300 takes...