An Investigation into the use of Collaborative Learning Strategies to foster satisfactory Academic Performance in a group of Grade Six students at a Primary school - PURPOSE AND SIGNIFICANCE OF STUDY

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Purpose of the StudyThe purpose of this study is to investigate the extent to which Collaborative Learning will improve the academic performance in a group of Grade Six students at a particular primary school in rural Clarendon who will participate in this study. The study also serves to inform the researcher and other teachers about existing problems in the classroom, and therefore may provide for them a model, which could assist them in carrying out similar and also help to alleviate some of the existing problems.

Significance of the StudyThrough the use of the Collaborative Learning Strategies, not only a few students are involved and being encouraged, everyone is included and encouraged. When students are given a chance to work with their peers, an opportunity is provided for positive independence, good social skills, development of good interpersonal relationships, free talk, good teamwork and the practice of collaborative skills. Along with the positive attributes aforementioned, good leadership qualities are also developed which prepare students for the wider society and the world at large.

Teachers should make sure students of varied abilities are placed in groups heterogeneously, in order to achieve the aim of Collaborative Learning Strategy. The teacher should consider the Collaborative Learning Strategy as being imperative in his/her classroom and in his/her role as a facilitator. The children will not only get a chance to participate but also listen attentively to each other’s opinion and realize that all students have a right to be heard. Working together and listening to each other will enhance learning.

The Ministry of Education should also benefit from this research, as it will aid in a better understanding of the use of the Collaborative Learning strategies and its interrelatedness and effects on academic performance. The Ministry will then be able to pass on this valuable...