Investigation into which is the best biscuit for slimming.

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Ryvita will be the best biscuit for slimming because it contains the lowest amount of energy content per 100g and has the lowest fat percentage (1.7 g). Another reason it would be good for slimmers is because of it's high fibre content (15.9 g).

In order to lose weight, you have to take in less energy than you expend. For this reason, the lowest energy content snack, Ryvita (1319 kJ per 100g) should help the slimming process the most. The digestive biscuit should expend the most energy, as it has the highest value of fat and energy per 100g. Hovis should release more energy than Cracker however, as it has a higher energy content.


The results show that as predicted, the Ryvita biscuit showed that it gave off the least amount of energy. This is because it has the lowest fat content and the lowest amount of energy per 100g.

In order of the highest energy released (J/g), the highest was Digestive (2293.7 J/g), Hovis (1253.55 J/g), Cracker (998 J/g) and then Ryvita (864 J/g). This is in line with the prediction.

From this, I conclude that Ryvita would be the best for a slimmers diet, because it contains not only the lowest energy content, in the experiment, it also showed to release the lowest amount of energy. The reason for this is that it contains a large percentage of protein and a great proportion of fibre. Although by increasing the percentage of fibre, the taste is compromised, it is excellent for slimmers as it means they can save the equivalent energy intake by switching the type of biscuit that they eat.

The digestive biscuit released more than twice as much energy as the Ryvita biscuit. This is because there is a high fat content and the biscuit...