An investigation on how rates of reaction can be investigated.

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An investigation into how rates of reactions can be investigated.


The variables I could look at are:

·The input of a catalyst.

·The concentration of the hydrochloric acid.

·The amount of magnesium.

·Temperature of the acid.


I'm going to look at the concentration of the acid and the rate of reaction. Also I am going to see if you change the concentration of the acid, does it change the rate of reaction.


I think that the higher the concentration means the reaction will take place quicker. A higher concentration means more particles, therefore a bigger chance of collision. So there will be a higher rate of reaction.


The equipment I will need is:


ØMeasuring cylinder.

ØPlastic bowl.

ØGlass funnel.

ØClamp stand.


In the experiment that we are going to do I am going to measure, the higher the acid the less time it takes to react.

I will use a stopwatch and a measuring cylinder. I will do the experiment 5 times, to make sure it's accurate. I used 5 different types of concentration the acid I used was hydrochloric acid. I will make sure it's a accurate test by doing it with 5 concentrations and using the same amount of acid every time. The safety hazards involved are, getting acid in the eye, the way to avoid this is to wear goggles.


Concn. Of acid.Gas produced in 1 min.Time taken for reaction to complete.Total gas produced.







The graph is telling me that the higher the concentration that is used means the less time it takes for the reaction to finish. My prediction was right.


When measuring out the amounts of acid. I tried to be as accurate...