Investing Currencies in the Far East

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Report on Investing Currencies in the Far East

Prepared by: Brad Saunders


In the world today, the possibilities are endless for people who want to make money. These opportunities may exist in the form of a bond, currency, stock, or business venture, but the common tie between them is that it is possible to make money if you research the market and impose the proper strategic plans. In this report, the issue of investing money in the currency markets of the Far East will be my main area of interest. The Far East offers great potential for a currency trader who wishes to make money. I also have the option of investing in the European currency market as well, but I feel that the European market is somewhat too volatile for any significant gains to be made by pursuing any countries within.

As is evident from classroom work in this course, the Far East has the greatest potential of any area in the world to be the next big area, in terms of economic expansion. With the many countries available to select for currency trade, it is very difficult for a student with limited resources to accurately and to the best of his or her's ability to make any significant amount of money on the currency market. However, I believe that by my researching the countries trends in areas such as: Inflation, Capital Investments, Unemployment, Exports, Budget balances, and Real Growth rates, that this is the key to making money through currency exchange. In this report my selections for currency exchange will justified by using the above areas as well as currency trends and volatilities, that prove Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Taiwan were all good...