Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison.

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This essay discusses how interracial dating plays a big part in the book and focuses on how interracial dating has evolved from being a unspoken manner in American society to now being mainstream. The conclusion is kind of week so change it up a bit.

Interracial relationships are evident in the 1947 novel Invisible Man by author Ralph Ellison. Interracial dating a taboo in American history, has drastically changed from the hate games that generated from the dating to now being accepted in mainstream America. Ironically a subject that was so taboo actually started the country. Interracial dating often occurred back in the 1800s by slave owners impregnating their slaves. Europeans who came to this country for freedom of religion impregnated Native American womyn also. Yet, when black men and white womyn as evident in the novel and evident in history happened, it was suddenly a disgusting morbid thing. The history of interracial relationships is a very senstive subject that comes along with a lot of sterotypes.

In 1895, South Carolina banned the union of whites and blacks When people think of interracial dating they usually associate the term of art with violence, rap, dominance, and slavery. The first interracial dating occured when slavery first existed. Everything from Thomas Jefferson slepping with one of his slaves, to the criticially acclaimed novel Queen of all All Saints which desl with interracial dating in Louisana has left a impact in American culture.

In the 1950's, and in the novel Invisible Man when interacial relationships were discussed, it was often discussed in the ways of a a black man and a white womyn. White womyn were portrayed as this sultry sexy womyn who wanted these strong black men. These white pure womyn wanted to live dangerously and sleep with these black men who...