"Invisible poor" James Fallows

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The subject discussed by James Fallows as already suggests the title of his essay is that well prosperous part of society discerns problem of the poverty. One would expect that the more money people have the easier should be for them to share and help these less fortunate who have problems with copying with modern life.

However, as the reality shows the more money the people have the more distance they have from the reality .They are seem not to notice that at the time they spend thousands of dollars for things they probably never use the other people are starving.

The author says, it does not mean the rich are without compassion but they must be remained of the poor in other way they will be just living their lives without the awareness that there is really poverty around them.

After the reading of this essay, I realized how many times I raised in my thoughts the same questions.

The voyages around the world made me believe that the wealthier the society the less is concerned about the poverty around it. Unless the wealthiest are in a good health and have a good life they very seldom realizes what it means to suffer. We people very often take for granted what we got from life unless we will lose it. If we are wealthier, healthier, or better looking than others we have tendency to think that it is how the world goes: some of us are lucky enough to have it all but some just do not. we humans do not like to share. These who are not very wealthy will always tell that they cannot give the others This is not new to us that some of their money because they themselves need it. These who held big...