How to involve students and maintain their interest in lessons.

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Language reflects life. Teaching a language should then varied as living. Teachers should try to use different approaches and techniques and choose the one that best suited the subject matters, the environment, the students and themselves.A successful language teacher does not only use a good teaching method, possess certain qualities that help them to move towards the 'ideal'. A successful language teacher should also take into consideration of how to teach students to learn effectively by themselves and with others. Teachers provide knowledge and guidance for students in class, so it is extremely important for teachers to consider the seven following methods in order to help their students to involve themselves with interest in the learning process and thereby to learn efficiently.

Motivate the students

Encourage their students and give them a sense of progress is important. Teachers can say supporting words to students and give some examples to students of how it will be if they can achieve a task.

Let them feel the feeling of satisfaction so that students would be more eager to work toward success. In this way, students will contribute more and increase their interest to the lesson.

Take note of realism

Make use of realistic examples or real situation when teaching students languages. Language is for communication. So, it is very important that the teaching should come to real life in order to make it more interesting. Students will react more strongly to feelings than to abstractions. They can help to express their ideas and feelings in class so as to bring about arguments, which is a very good chance for them to practise their language. Teachers can ask students to use more adjectives and adverbs to express something or their feeling such as "sweetly", "wonderful", "fantastic", etc.

Value Personalisation

Allow students to...