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Case Study 1: Inwi Supervised by:

Mrs. Bouchra Hamelin Presented by:

Meryeme Benlemlih Dahab Talbi

Hamza Lamzadri Meryem M'hamdi

Outline b. Weaknesses c. Opportunities d. Threats

4. Analysis of the macroenvironment: a. opportunities b. threats

5. Results of the analysis

6. Conclusion

1. Introduction: a. Background of the company b. Products and Services:

- For individuals - For companies

c. Main strategies

2. Mission Statement

3. SWOT Analysis a. Strengths

Background ● Inwi is a subsidiary company owned by the holding group ONA. It is ranked 3rd among

moroccan telecommunication companies ● History of the company1:

○ 1998: creation of "Maroc Connect" ○ 2007: change of the company's name into "Wana Corporate" ○ 2010: the name shifted finally to "Inwi", and the company has been devoted best Moroccan

"service mark", under the 2nd edition of the "Morocco Awards" trophy. ○ 2013: trophy of the best innovative company in services under the 1st edition of "innovative

business" trophies.

1 Kadimi, Mohamed. "Le Troisième Opérateur Change D'identité : Inwi Apporte-t-il Un Contenu Inoui ?" Libération. N.p., 20 Feb. 2010. Web. 03 Mar. 2014. <>.

Products and Services: For individuals

➔ 3 kinds of offers are available for individuals2:

● Offer with subscription:

○ The "tic-tac" plan enables the consumer to call all over the world with very attractive prices.

○ It consists on paying the call in terms of seconds

○ It enables access to mobile services (Internet, Facebook…)

● Offer without subscription:

○ Inwi illimited: it is a range of packages which enables the consumers to call and send SMS and

MMS all over the world even if the package is sold out.

2 "Inwi Products and Services." Inwi. Inwi, n.d. Web. 02 Mar. 2014. <>.

Products and Services: For individuals

○ classique formula: it consists on a second...