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You're mad Damian said

You're wasting your time, Kayla said.

No way, I said.

This was because the ipec consisted of an old TV aerial, a bunch of wires a satellite dish made from foil on a cooking wok and what looked like the inside of Mobil phones and game boys. all these things where linked together in a jumble of wires and plugged into the back of bobby's computer where a message scrolled across the screen myspacebook- aliens free login here!

Anyway we'd almost forgotten about the ipec when two weeks later an urgent text message called us back to bobby's room he was white like a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and was pointing at his computer screen. There in the centre where two big eye's and beneath them a message was flashing booby Hopkins has 1 friend we laughed again

Pull the other one, said domain

Yeah right, I said

But bobby just lowered his shaky finger to the power board that housed the cables to all the equipment it wasn't even plugged in suddenly the printer beside me whirred and buzzed into life and a page chattered its way out we all crowed around and gazed at the message.

This time nobody laughed.

As the paper scrolled out of the mashie we stared down at it in amazement it seem to be some sort of weird code message

Aaaa... it's nothing said Damian your printers just stuffed

Yer don't worry about it bobby said Kayla

I don't know that was pretty freaky I said

Ok said Damian we got to go we will see ya later bobby yer...yer....ok, paying no attention to what Damian had said. That night bobby sat down and just stared at the coded message imprinted on paper he was shore that it was aliens trying to reach him. As he stared at the paper he started to see that there where letters and symbols re-appearing all throughout the weird text he thought it was

Strange but he was tired so he headed to bed. But he couldn't get to sleep because the number's where running through his head all night. He got up 2:30 normally if he woke at this time he wouldn't be able to see a thing but he could see as clear as day. He walked over to his desk and looked down at the sheet one's more and as he stared at the paper the letters and symbol's started to move and shake on the page and in the blink of an eye the alien text made out the word's

(pRe↓A€£ @tT#cK @ Ω2:;00) = prepare attack at 22:00. Bobby's skin went pail "they're coming". And then he fell as the overwhelming situation made him very light headed and as he fell he hit the ground with a thundering bang. His mother opened her eyes and rushed to bobby's room and found him shacking on the floor as white as a ghost. His mother rushed him strait to a hospital but as he was in the hospital he couldn't stop talking about what he had discovered to which forced them to admit bobby to a ward. The next day. Kayla sat down next to us you guys.... she paused bobby's sick. What what are you talking about, he was taken to Costa mental ward they said he was yelling and chanting the word's they are coming over and over.

What the hell said Damian, the ipec I butted in he must mean the aliens. After school we went down to the ward to see bobby. As we walked in he seemed like he was dying to tell us something and as we came closer he yelled "run run get out of here ther coming ther coming" Kayla jumped back as to did Damien the doc's held him down and strapped him in and gave him a shot to calm him down

The doctor turned and said well you guy's better go as Kayla and Damien hurried out the door's bobby stopped and in a quiet voice said to me wait please. I stopped and looked back at bobby. He told me to come over as I slowly creeper towards him he grabed me and pulled me in for a close talk. He whispered into my ear go to my house and in my bed room you have to get the sheet as he said that they ripped me away from him and closed the door.

So the next day I went to bobby's house and ruing the bell him mother answered the door hi um bobby wanted me to get something for him is it ok if I go have a look yes ok thank you. I went up stars and as I creeper open the door my jaw dropped the hold room was full of the weird text like in the sheet of paper as I looked through the room I noticed the desk that had only 1 sheet on it i glanced at the sheet and it said (prepare the attack on the 22 of march 2008 22:00) I glanced at the computer clock and date 22/22:00 and at that moment a bright flash of light broke through the window and was so bright that it was blinding and there in the distance I saw the i stood shocked in amazement "there here".