Ipod Product Life Cycles

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For the past years we have seen how APPLE Computers Inc. has not only introduced the IPod into the market for music players, but created the new must have pop icon. The following is a brief analysis of the product life cycle of iPods.

IPods were first introduced to in 2001 and has since grown into a recognized cultural symbol. Designed and marketed by Apple Computer, iPod is a brand of digital audio/video players that stand apart from the rest due to their user friendly interface and sleek design. Customers can carry their entire music collection and more in their pockets. Although Apple Computer already had a huge following of loyal customers, the iPod has created a new generation of Apple fanatics that simply cannot get enough of the iPod and all of the iPod attachments that have since developed. The iPod has grown faster than any other music player in consumer electronics history and accounts for half of the company's revenue from the sales of hardware and content; it has also generated a "halo effect" increase in sales of Mac desktops and laptops.

Currently the iPod finds itself in the ending of the growth stage of its product life cycle. It has shown a steady growth rate as demonstrated in the sales reported by Apple Computers for the past 15 quarters. The most recent quarters have shown a significant increase in the sales volume of iPods, a good indicator that the iPod market is expanding. It appears as though there is now definitely a public awareness of the Apple iPod worldwide.

The iPod has contributed significantly to Apple's growth the past several years. However, iPod unit growth has been slowing, as nothing can grow forever. Apple has made some modifications to its iPod line which should help boost iPod...