Iran : A Greater Threat than North Korea

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Iran over the years has been developing dangerous nuclear powers for its country so that it could compete with its rivals around the world. A nuclear is a self-defense for every country in the world that it can use during the war but it affects are so large that every country thinks about it twice. Therefore, the United States have stated thatIran is a greater threat than North Korea and the three reasons behind it are that: Iran has developed a self defense for its country, Iran continuous support to terrorists group and Iran being experienced in wars.

First of all, Iran has developed a self-defense for its country through the nuclear power. In mid 2002, the opposition based group revealed the existence of two enrichment facilities such as uranium facility at Natanz and a heavy water production at ArakThese two facilities along with the domestic resources of uranium would contribute strongly to nuclear fuel cycle in Iran. In February 2003, the International atomic energy agency proved that Iran had imported from China 1.8 tons of nuclear material used to manufacture uranium material, which is essential in weapons production. It is also informed the world about 113 uranium conversion experiments done by Iran. In June 2003, environment samples that were taken from chemical traps of the Pilot fuel enrichment plant at Natanz revealed the presence of highly uranium (HEU) being used.

Secondly, Iran is a greater threat because of its support to the terrorist groups. In 1999, Iran's continuous support to terrorist groups like Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Lebanese Hizballah has brought a break in the peace process in Middle East. These terrorist groups were encouraged o use violence and terrorist attack in Israel to undermine the peace process especially when the new Prime Minister...