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English 116

Due 21 October, 2002

Iraq Essay

We are all concerned about questions that deal with Iraq such as 'is war necessary,' 'is war inevitable,' 'what threat does Saddam Hussein pose?' etc. I will be discussing these questions, and the answers that panelists at an Iraq Forum gave. Before we start discussing these questions, let us answer the question 'what are we fighting for if when we are discussing if we should have war with Iraq?' According to George Bush we are trying to completely eliminate terrorism, but according to Arun Gandhi we are trying to achieve nonviolence. Different people have different opinions about the answer to this question. I think that by going to war with Iraq we are trying to change Iraq and the whole Middle East into democracy, and to make it a part of the modern world.

Let me introduce the panelists at an Iraq Forum held at Naperville, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, organized by the Naperville League of Women Voters.

Jane Barnes, current English instructor at North Central College and Elgin Community College, held the position of devil's advocate. The other three panelists were Tom Cordaro- Justice & Outreach Minister at St. Margaret and Mary parish in Naperville, Illinois, -Brian Endless-Vice president of UNA and Executive Director of AMUN, -and Stephanie Downs Hughes, president of the Naperville League of Women Voters.

Now let's talk about the question 'Is war with Iraq inevitable?' According to Tom Cordaro, the following 4 'decisions' affect this question. 1) We need to consider the real intentions of the US. Does the US really want peace, or is the US trying to have war? 2) We also need to consider if Saddam Hussein's is going to think that the inspections will do something. I he doesn't...