"Iraq and Vietnam" The teacher did say it was a bit too satirical, but as usual she laughed too hard to give me anything but an A.

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In the 1960's American soldiers fought a grueling war in Vietnam to fight communism and protect democracy. In the early 21st century American soldiers were sent to Iraq to fight another war to fight dictatorship, protect democracy, and probably to steal oil. Both wars were fought in unknown territory; however, Vietnam was much worse. Both wars were fought over an American political policy, though one was Republican and one was Democratic. Though the Vietnam War started very differently then the war in Iraq, many Americans hope the outcome is different as well.

After seeing the devastation of World War II and the malevolence of Communism after the war, America will do anything to stop Communism and protect democracy. Even though North Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh wanted a free, independent Vietnam and wished for a country based on the ideals of America's founding fathers, the United States would not help him for two reasons.

One reason was America's war ally, France, wanted the country even though America did not like the idea of colonies. The major reason American would not help Ho Chi Minh, however, was because he was communist, and all Americans knew that a communist could never do anything good. After France fled Vietnam (wow that's a surprise) and America refused to help the communist Minh (another shocker) civil war erupted in Vietnam followed by the newly stated American tradition of getting involved with every country's affairs.

The beginning of the Iraq conflict was a little dissimilar than Vietnam, however, the reason for American involvement was comparable, except American automobiles don't run off of rice. The conflict in Iraq began kind of like this: A big bad bear name Saddam ruled the Iraqi forest. Saddam hated the forest of nothing but sand and more sand so he spent...