Iraq Conflict Speech (Pro War) -Written before the war.

Essay by blademaster January 2004

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Iraq. Iraq. Iraq. It's been in the news a lot lately. Countries in the Middle East seem to always be in wars and we normally don't take much notice. But now there is a dangerous maniac with weapons of mass destruction at his disposal. He is threatening the lives of millions of people and civilisation would never be the same if there was a nuclear war. How would you feel if you, your family and friends could be wiped out by one insane person with a load of big bombs? Can you live with that thought overhanging you like a knife on a thread? We must do something, before he does...

Saddam Hussein holds biological, chemical and mass destruction weapons. We are informed of this by the Dossier published by Tony Blair:

"Iraq has a useable chemical and biological weapons capability, in breach of UNSCR 687, which has included recent production of chemical and biological agents".

This is a breach of international law and we must deal with this quickly as he can use these weapons within 45 minuets notice. A quote to prove this is:

"The Iraqi military are able to deploy these weapons within 45 minutes of a decision to do so". This is a stomach churning thought that we can be wiped out with just 45 minuets of notice. He also illegally possesses twenty al-Hussein missiles and is working on plans to extend missile range beyond the limit that is set by the UN. Saddam Hussein has been trying to obtain nuclear materials from Africa. This shows how desperate he is to get nuclear weapons. The dossier states that Iraq may be able to assemble nuclear weapons "within months of obtaining fissile material".

Another reason to stop Saddam Hussein's power over Iraq is that he has...