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The story of humanity started in Iraq at the garden of creation. Just like the bible mentioned it Iraq is the irrefutable site of the Garden of Eden where humanity took birth. Iraq is a land located between two great rivers, the Euphrates and the Tigris.

Strategically Iraq's location in the Middle East is critical to the world of politics, sad to say always caught in the middle of some kind of conflicts. Its climate docile and calm, its natural resources depend immensely on nature. Although Iraq is the cradle of the first civilization known to humanity Iraq has known great victories and sorrows. It is where humanity started a joyful and fear-free life where all the animals in the jungle lived in complete harmony with each other and nature. The cradle of civilization is also the cradle of sin the knowledge of good and evil. Iraq offered to Mankind the first and most precious gift that is essential to our existence.

What is civilization? Civilization means life in the cities, great achievement. Even in civilization there is a dark site, one must recognize kindness, to endure, to have the knowledge of justice and strive. In different part of the world civilization is unique and it happened differently; therefore, civilization has its own distinctive states. What Iraq offered to the world is indisputable as a result from time to time humanity has to go back to the source to answer certain questions.

The magical land of Suma, a biblical land according to Genesis the first land to emerge after the great flood known by Noah. In this land the first known castles, palaces, first school, math the multiple of 60 where Alexander the great was destroyed. The streets pattern kept it s originality because they are built the same...