Is Iraq a Threat to Society?

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IRAQ George W. Bush has declared war against Iraq because of the resist against inspection of their weapons. This is not necessary says some Edmontonians. One viewer says "Bush is a loose cannon ready to fire". "All he seems to do is want to have war, honestly I think Canada shouldn't be dragged into this because it is Americas war not ours".

Another citizen says "It's our choice if we wish to fight or not and I say NO! I will not fight for a lost cause." From all over the world there have been signatures to stop this tragedy already there is over 1,000 signatures. The decision is in society to say something or let it be and loose many lives in a lost cause. Bush says he's ready to strike and the tension builds throughout the two societies.

What good can come from war the answer to this is none.

Everyone loses in war and nobody wins.

Should Americans proceed with this and if so should Canada be dragged into this? Well the answer is up to you and it is your choice to have a war with nuclear weapons involved or you can say something and stop the bloodshed. The choice is yours……….