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Veiwpoint of the general public on this issue including the leaders

and the Questions which arised due to our world leaders actions and demands.

"Our political leaders do not explain how they translated the public's often justifiable fears about personal safety or crime rates into a demand for expensive, untested policies that, to date, have done absolutely nothing to pre-empt or curb crime - and even less to rehabilitate or educate offenders before release. Rather, the law and order auction that began with Nick Greiner's 1988 "truth in sentencing" legislation and continues today with mandatory sentencing has simply added to our already bursting jails." (I agree, and thats concerned important)

"The policy of my government is that he goes," Bush said. "The worst thing that could happen would be to allow a nation like Iraq, run by Saddam Hussein, to develop weapons of mass destruction and then team up with terrorist organizations so they can blackmail the world.

I'm not going to let that happen." (ironic isn't, America gets to destory in the name of protecting their "so called democratic nation" but Irag has to suffer because mr bush "thinks" they might attack in the upcoming future and cause mass destruction). If Irag teams ups with terrorist organisation, then America has to finanically support them? (get it) America is the leader of the terrosist organisation, as it funds 80% of their dirty work. e.g Taliban

In what way are Australia's strategic interests threatened by Iraq? How are they threatened by Iraq's attacks on Iran and Kuwait, or Iraq posing a threat to Israel? Or Iraq being a destablising influence in the Middle East? Iraq is not a credible threat to the US let alone Australia. Does there not have to be a threat of some sort...