The Iraq War

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The Iraq war has affected many people from around this nation. Not only has this war affected people of the United States but people from many different countries. In the beginning, this seemed to make since of having our people go over and try to free up the Iraq country that Saddam Hassan had such a strong hold on. Now, after several years of just many killings, I wonder if this was worth the trouble.

After the first war where the United States went over and took care of issues in just a few months, there seemed to be an impression that this war would be just as easy. The gulf war only lasted from August 2, 1990 to February 1991. Their was not much to this war as The United States went in and overwhelmingly did the job of liberating Kuwait. When this war ended, all things seemed well.

Then came that day in September that will never be forgotten. This person woke up and turned the radio on to hear the news of the twin tower bombings. When I got to my work, the whole place was in shock and watching the TV’s in the call center. Of course, the whole world was in shock. At that time, every American wanted something done. For the next several weeks, people drove around with flags on their cars and bumper stickers proclaiming that America needs to find these people responsible and bring them to justice.

As a person with family in the military, I have to admit that I was caught up with all the war talk and wanted these people to be brought to justice too. Seems just like yesterday when the president decided to attack the war on terrorism. We, as a country got behind the president and...