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Ireland is really an all around great country. They are economically and politically stable and have amazing tourist places that people can come and visit. The only major problem is the religious unrest, but you shouldn't let that stop you from seeing this beautiful country.

The population of Ireland is large for its size, it has about 4,722,028 people. The life expectancy is high as well, for males it is 78 and for females it is 82. The birth rate is 15.81 for every 1,000 people and the death rate is 6.38 for every 1,000 people. The total fertility rate is 2 children for every woman. The literacy rate is 99% for males and females.

The population of Ireland is large because it has enough food and money to support the people that live there. The literacy rate is high because they have a good education system and every child goes to school at least until age 18.

The total fertility rate is just enough to replace the parents and keep the population from decreasing.

The migration of Ireland started around 600 to 150 B.C. when Celtic tribes came to the island. One of the push factors in Irish history was the great potato famine. Everyone was forced to leave the country and emigrate because there was no food and no jobs and no one could survive. One of the pull factors was the safety of America so a lot of the Irish people immigrated to New York as refugees and started a new life.

Due to the fact that many people left Ireland it affected the population, it caused the population of America to go up and the population of Ireland to go down. However the population of Ireland has increased since the famine and evened out. The migration...